Download CyberFlix TV APK v3.3.2 update You can watch all types of TV shows and Movies on App . 

CyberFlix tv offer a huge collection of contents in different categories. When it comes to categories, you can find romantic, thriller, comedy, action and more. Based on the interest, you can choose the right stuff and start to watch without paying a single penny. CyberFlix TV is an amazing application which offers the contents to watch in High Definition.

After the closing of Terrarium TV, there are 100’s of streaming app released but the only app which is closed to terrarium or even better than terrarium app is CyberFlix TV. It offers huge collection of TV Shows and Movies on the App in extremely high speed server.

CyberFlix TV is 100% safe and secure, also the app doesn’t have any ads so that you can enjoy the movie without annoying ads which distract the viewers and kills the user experience.

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Free Movies

You can simply watch and stream online movies for free without any struggle or hassle. You as a user does not have to subscribe for any plan or subscription in the app. The app offers a great set of latest and new movies for its users and online movie streamers. You as the user just have to select your favorite or desired category or the genre in the app interface or dashboard and you will see a whole pack of movies. Just pick one from them the category or genre and start watching it on your smartphone or other devices or gadgets.

Complete and High Quality

The app provides the movies and the TV shows in the high and quality with more than 780P. You can simply and easily watch the latest and new movies in the High definition quality which is also known as HD. It has a set pack of movies, which will be listed in various categories and genres in the interface or the dashboard you can watch.

Real updates

The app provides a great real time update to the users. After you have logged in or entered into the app, the app will start giving you real-time updates and notifications. These real-time updates and notifications are usually, mostly very useful and applicable when it comes to learning and understanding and being updated with the latest movies which are on trend. Whenever you will find the new movies in the app, which is updated, the app will gradually start giving or update you with the notification of new movies and TV shows on your Android, iOS, and another smartphone. You can later watch, share and download the movie on the app.

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Download and Watch it later (in cyberflix tv apk):

These busy schedules we don’t have time to spend on movies. So there is an option provide the first Download the Movies and later at your free time, you can watch it. Very simple process.

Provides captions and Subtitles

The app not only offers and helps the users with the real-time updates and notifications on their phone but also supports the subtitles or the captions for foreign languages or any regional languages if you couldn’t understand the language. If you bounce on understanding any language of the movie or your TV show, you can switch on the captions or the correct subtitle option in the app.

No, Sign up

The CyberFlix TV app doesn’t ask for any kind of registration or login. The user or the player can simply install and download the app to use it. The only thing is that you have to do some movie and shows search navigations in the app and then only you will be able to watch the movie.

No Subscription plans

The Cyberflix app doesn’t charge for any kind of charges or monthly subscription plans from its esteemed users.


You yourself will start experiencing that the app is very safe to use. They are legit and they never ask for any kind of permissions or smartphone access from the users and online movies streamers.


CYBERFLIX VERSION 3.3.2 October 5,2020

  • Important! CyberFlix TV by Cybercrime Media. Long live your lawful right to stream!
  • Removed Login to Access App


  • Premium features unlocked
  • Tested on Gen2FS, FS Lite, 6,7,8 Phones, 3 Boxes, 2 Fire Tablets
  • Installs All Devices No Force Close
  • All ads calls from activity removed
  • All ads layout removed

Cyberflix Latest Version Optimized working for phones and android tv without mouse toggle