Tired of slow charging? Fast Battery Charging definitely will help you getting your mobile charged faster atleast by 20-45% faster then your regular charging speed. The app automatically activates fast charging when you connect your mobile to the charger. You can customize Fast Charging mode between Saving Mode, Sleeping Mode and Customize mode


Each mode has different settings and you can choose the one which suits you best. In Customize mode your can set your own settings.
How does this app Charge Faster ?
It has simple working mechanism, On connecting your phone to the charger, the app changes the phone settings to minimize the use of your battery so charging becomes faster. On disconnecting the charger the phone settings get back to normal.

On connecting the phone, a screen saver appears. You just need to click on the Optimize Now to fast charge your phone. The app works only when you click Optimize Now.

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  • You can choose from settings Fast charging mode from Saving mode, Sleeping mode and Customize mode (You own settings).
  • The app displays Battery percentage, Mobile Temperature, Battery Voltage and Battery Health.
  • The app has short cut buttons of Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Flight Mode, Mobile data, Ringtone Volume, Brightness and Screen timeout. You can adjust all these functions from the app itself.



batterysaver V10.apk | MirrorSIZE : 6.1 MB