MATVT turn your remote tv android control into a mouse

Hard to reach portions of some legacy app that you’re running on your Android TV? Feeling the need to have a touch input in your Android TV Or having issues with famous Mouse Toggle and you are looking for an alternative App for your TV?

MATVT solves all the above. Unfortunately, it’s not on the playstore, and there are no plans to launch it there either.


  • Small and Easy steps to install
  • no need to pair with an android phone / laptop etc
  • DPAD (for up, down, left, right and center buttons)
  • A spare key to toggle mouse mode (we call it the BossKey)
  • Color buttons (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)
  • Info button
  • Different Sizes and Skins
  • support Android version 7+, limited functionality on Android 6 flip phone
  • Support Most of android tv and box tv , firestick, fire tv etc

Configurations available in the APP:

  • Mouse Size and icon (two icons, light and transparent available)
  • Mouse Scroll Speed 
  • Bordered Window (Enabling this will prevent the cursor from warping over the screen edges)
  • Disable Boss Key (If you have a full size remote, you don’t need to keep a boss key. Info key and color buttons are sufficient, read how to use section for more info)
  • Will Boss Key Toggle (When remotes don’t allow long pressing, this will allow people to cycle through various modes on key press in the order: Dpad -> Mouse -> Scroll -> Dpad) 
  • Override Activation Key (Select this to set a custom keyCode for bossKey)
  • Scrolls when mouse touches the edges
  • Automatically detect boss key code
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Please apply this following steps :

Step 1:

  • Download the APK from the releases and side-load it on your TV.

Step 2:

  • On your android Tv / Box go to Settings-> Apps-> Special apps access (scroll down)
  • Click on Display over other apps
  • Find MATVT and and click on allow button

Step 3:

  • Go to Settings -> Device preference (or “System ” on some devices) -> Accessibility
  • Find Mousse Toggle service (or “Mouse event Listening” on some devices) and enable it
  • Now Click on configuration (or open MATVT app)
  • Check override activation key
  • Chose Hot key for activate the mouse (enter number 4)

By making number 4 as activation key for Xiaomi mi box s number 4 is for back button, by holding back button in remote control mode mouse will activate and you can disactivate it by holding the same button



matvt-app-release-v1.0.6 (Back-up link)