Max Battery Optimizer enables battery usage optimization and reduce unnecessary battery utilization. This app will help you managing your battery power and increase the battery life.

Features :

  • Battery Info : will provide battery related information like battery level, battery health, voltage, capacity in mAh, temperature, power source and battery technology.
  • Boost Mode : there are 3 boost mode
  • Boost mode 2X – this will liberally boost battery power by fever disabling battery consuming functions.
  • Boost mode 3X – this mode will strictly disable most of the battery consuming functions and save and increase battery cycle.
  • Boost mode 5X – This mode will disable almost all the battery consuming functions. You can enable this mode on critically low battery levels. This mode will turn your phone into flight mode to save maximum battery power.
  • One Tap Boost : With one tap boost, the app will auto boost your phone by cleaning and killing background activities to save instant battery power and increase battery life by around 40-50%.
  • Display battery time : The app’s 1st page will display time left to battery exhaust.
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A very useful app to manage and optimize mobile battery.



Max Battery Optimizer [Mod]