Nox Cleaner is a small application that accelerates the phone, cleans up junk files, and frees up RAM for Android devices. One advantage of this application is that it can work well even on Android 8+ or later, similar applications have not been optimized well.

If you want to free up more memory, you can select Deep Cleaning in the Common Features option. Here, the application will tell you which files are taking up most of the space, duplicate files or videos, audios in your device. Note the Show more option to display the files list.

When you delete, it will not be possible to restore, so be careful in this step to avoid removing the important files. In addition, Nox Cleaner also allows you to clear the cache of messenger applications such as WeChat, Whatapps, Line.


  • Specified Clean: This feature allows you to clean, manage data (images, video, audio, etc.) on OTT applications such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat.
  • Battery saver: This function is similar to RAM Booster, NoxCleaner will find the app running in the background causing battery drain and turn them off.
  • Deep Clean: Advanced cleanup features, you can delete large files or duplicate files. To use, you need to allow “Accessibility” permission for the application.
  • Photo Manager: This is a nice and useful function, NoxCleaner will categorize images (similar, super large, blur, screenshot, video) on the device, so you can easily manage and clean them. Plus, with its large file size, NoxCleaner optimizes storage space for your device with powerful compression. Click Super Image, you will see a comparison of the quality of the original image and the image after compression.
  • Application manager: If you want to uninstall the app (not including the system app) then go here.
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NoxCleaner 2.2.5 [full].APK